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Truck Art - Photo Drawings
At work on beach restoration in Laurence Harbor, NJ

Truck Note Cards

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grab thumbnail
Grab #2
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Bulldozer #4
tractor thumbnail
Front End Loader
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Dump Truck #1
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5" X 7" Note Cards suitable for framing
See larger truck photo art below

"I am one of your proud customers! In the last year I have ordered six toddler t-shirts of your construction art for my son Isaac through Café Press. They are the only shirts Isaac will wear, during the day as well as night for bedtime. After Isaac’s nightly tub time, it’s a big event for him to choose which one he’ll wear next!

Now three years old, Isaac is ready for a child's size small shirt. Is it possible to get any construction truck art t-shirts in long sleeves in preparation for the upcoming fall and winter months? I really don’t want to see him spend another Colorado winter running around in a short sleeved t-shirt! "
Rebecca Weise

front-end loader working on beach in Laurence Harbor, NJ front-end loader moving dirt working on beach in Laurence Harbor, NJ
Front-end Loaders

CAT truck sleeps at Laurence Harbor beach bulldozer spreads sand at Laurence Harbor, NJ
Sleeping Tractor and Bulldozer

Clayton cement mixer at work in Laurence Harbor
Rear View of Cement Truck
cement mixer full view
Concrete mixer

cement mixer outlet pipe in Laurence Harbor, NJ
Cement Mixer Shute
grab at work in Laurence Harbor, NJ
Open Grab

grab at rest at Laurence Harbor Beach
Grab Sleeping
large dump truck photo drawing art- Laurence Harbor
Dump Truck

roller construction truck at work
Roller at rest


"The posters are fantastic! My 5-year old son loves them! They are the perfect images for his room! He adores all kinds of trucks, and I was so pleased to find your pictures online.

They are just what he wanted. I was also pleased with your personal service, and your working so hard to get me just what I wanted in sizes, etc."
Renee Winckler

Truck art in Large Prints and on mugs, t-shirts and other products is available in our GIFT SHOP. For Placques, write to sales.
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